Directioners, all across the globe, are currently squealing with sheer joy and with all the right reasons! Leaving everyone surprised with his latest Instagram post is Zayn Malik, who was a pivotal part of One Direction

also comprising Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan - up until he quit the band in 2015. While Zayn has mostly restrained himself from indulging in talking about 1D, focusing on his solo career instead, the 29-year-old singer left fans nostalgic with a singing video shared on his IG page.

Treating his 45.6 million followers with his gorgeous vocals, something which he's done quite a few times in the past (Remember his heavenly Allah Ke Bande cover?!), Zayn Malik's song choice is what had everyone talking, although it's only been a while since the post was shared.

In the eight-second epic black and white video, Zayn can be seen singing One Direction's popular song You & I. Moreover, it's Malik's iconic high note towards the end of the track which the Pillowtalk singer belts out with finesse.

While some of his awards won are seen on the mantle next to the singer, Zayn rocks his merch tee while taming his wild black locks with a hairband.

At the time of writing this article, Zayn's You & I video post had already garnered 900k+ likes in an hour and so-so time while it's been viewed almost two million times already.

The comments section has been flooded by Directioners as @kacey.mcclain commented on behalf of us all, "ARE WE OKAY??? IS EVERYONE BREATHING???," while @liluhpugh immediately theorised, "1D REUNION???"

Watch Zayn Malik's short 2022 rendition of One Direction's song You & I HERE. Way to hit us right in the One Direction feels, Mr. Malik! What did you think of Zayn Malik singing One Direction's song You & I, that too, in 2022? Share your exciting thoughts (and feels!) with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.