Why Soccer Aid's Alex Brooker had his leg amputated and his fears for his children

Alex Brooker was among the line up of famous faces hitting the football pitch. He became the first ever disabled player in the history of the charity event.

"For me, football was the first time when actually my disability, genuinely, I can honestly say, it stopped me doing something and it bothered me."

With his quick wit and belly-laughing humour, the comedian has become a household name over the last few years, reported The Mirror.

He came to prominence since 2012 following his coverage of the Paralympic Games and has since become a regular on our TV screens.

The 38-year-old, who often highlights his disability within his comedy, was born with hand and arm deformities.

The Croydon-born star had a twisted right leg, which meant that he had to have his leg amputated as a baby.

Alex wears a prosthetic leg and always appears to be in high spirits - revealing in an interview that some days he doesn't "think about [his] disability at all".