Urvashi also spoke to us about her fitness secret. Let us tell you that Urvashi does a lot more than just gym 

Urvashi Rautela is in a lot of discussion these days about her film Hate Story 4. Urvashi has been a part of beauty 

Urvashi told that she has always been interested in dancing and she knows how to do many types of dance forms

knowing an interesting thing about Urvashi, you may be surprised that Urvashi does not like to travel much

Urvashi has also told that she likes to drink plenty of water throughout the day nothing is better than water for healthy skin

gym workouts, she hits the gym four days a week and also she likes to do weight lifting and stretching

Urvashi's social account, then you will understand how hard Urvashi works to keep herself fit in the gym

Regarding makeup, Urvashi says that she believes in good makeup products and she loves applying red lipstick the most

She always uses organic beauty products and uses only natural things to keep her face glowing love with her smokey eyes

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