True Story of Shinchan Tv Series 😢 that can make you cry (Shinnosuke Nohara)



Shin Chan- a show that makes everyone laugh was first started On Monday April 13, 1992, the Crayon Shin-chan anime started. Few people were watching the first episode,


A Japanese series written and illustrated by manga artist Yoshito Usui, Shin Chan made its first appearance in a Japanese weekly magazine called Weekly Manga Action


But even as lame jokes have time and again irritated audience and critics alike, Shin Chan continues to be a global brand. TV series, magazine issues, cute merchandise.


In the summer of 2010 by the name New Crayon Shin-chan. Shin Chan originally started as a character of Shinnosuke Nikaido from Darakuya Store Monogatari, another series by Yoshito Usui.


Shinnosuke Nohara is the young boy on whom the character of a 5 year old Shin Chan TV series is based. he died in a car accident while trying to save his younger sister (Himawari Nohara) .


After death, the mother Misae she cannot bear the pain of her child so she started sketching her lost son. when Yoshito Usai found paintings, he redesigned it.

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