Rupali Ganguly I was born on 5 April 1997. her father was a film director name Anil Ganguly, she started acting debut at the age of 7 in her father film Saaheb launched on 1985.

Rupali was born in Calcutta West Bengal into a Bengali Hindu family her father Anil Ganguly was a director. she studied hotel management and theatre before being chosen for the lead role in the television show, sukanya.

Since 2020, she portrays the titular character in StarPlus' soap opera Anupamaa. She reportedly makes Rs 3 lakh per episode

Rupali Ganguly started with a fee of Rs 1.5 lakh per day. This is the highest category, but she is also a senior actress.

Now, she is earning Rs 3 lakh every day. She has become the highest-paid actress on Indian TV. She has left behind other popular young celebs associated with this business

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