NASA to conduct Artemis I wet dress rehearsal test on June 20

NASA will be conducting a dry-run of the Artemis I rocket's Moon mission later this month on June 20. Here's all you need to know.

NASA is set to conduct tests to prepare for the Artemis I mission, which will see the spacecraft travel to the Moon. The tests will take place on June 20 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

During the test, launch teams will rehearse operations to load propellant into the rocket’s tanks and conduct a full launch countdown.

. The teams will also drain the tanks and practice the timelines and procedures they will use for launch.

The test, also known as a ‘wet dress rehearsal test’ is basically a dry run of the entire process of a rocket launching and leaving the Earth’s orbit, all without the craft actually leaving the launchpad.

NASA previously reported via a blog post that the Artemis I Rocket has made a return to Launch Pad 39B.

The rocket left the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) on June 6 for the launch pad for the wet dress rehearsal test.

Interested users will be able to watch the rehearsal live along with live commentary on the media channel of NASA Television, the NASA app, and NASA website.