This 23-year-old Indian stock market prodigy from Hyderabad began investing at the age of 17, and now has a mammoth net worth of ₹ 100 crores!

The 23-year-old Sankarsh is the founder of fintech startup Savart, which helps people to invest in stocks, mutual funds and bonds. His company’s registered name is Svobodha Infinity Investment Advisors Private Limited.

He started the company Savart in 2017 with an investment of Rs 8 lakh after dropping out of Bennett University (Greater Noida) where he was in the second year of pursuing Btech Computer Science.

He had started to invest in the stock market in 2016 after completing his Class 12 from Slate – The School in Hyderabad. He started with Rs 2,000 and pumped in more money over the next two years.

He reportedly said “I invested around Rs 1.5 lakh over a period of two years. The market value of my shares had gone up to around Rs 13 lakh in two years.”

Then he sold shares worth Rs 8 lakh to start his company in 2017 and kept the rest of the money in the market and continued to invest from his earnings through his startup, as per TheWeekendLeader.

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“My net worth now is Rs 100 crore. It is not just my stock market investment, but is also based on my company's valuation," says 23YO Sankarsh, who developed interest in the stock market after reading an article by American economist Benjamin Graham, known as the ‘father of value investing,’ at the age of 14.