While pizza rules almost everyone’s heart, the most adored part is its cheese pulling and the toppings that add all the flavour to a boring bread base.

But have you ever tried ordering just a pizza base covered in a barbeque sauce? Well, a picture exhibiting the same is making the rounds on the internet, as a user accidentally ordered a pizza without any topping.

Yes, you read that right. Dropping two pictures on Reddit, an unknown user left the internet in splits, after he revealed that he placed a pizza order just with what appears to be the barbeque sauce.

And when we say all the toppings, then you must know that the man even removed the cheese from his pizza.

The first picture shows a large size pizza, without any topping. On the plain pizza base, one can see brown sauce spread evenly on each side.

The pizza box also included three small boxes of dips. The next picture is the screenshot of the man’s order from Deliveroo which is a well-known delivery service, the snippet reveals the order that has been placed by the man.

It shows that the Reddit user had placed an order of one large size BBQ Meat Feast pizza from Papa John’s.

While he added one Garlic Pizza Stick and three Special Garlic Dips, he accidentally removed all the toppings thinking that he was adding those. And this was done as he filled out the specification while placing the order.