The capsule brought with it 5.4 grams of surface material from the Ryugu asteroid, a near-Earth object (NEO).

The sample has since then been under analysis by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, among several other research institutions across the nation including the Hiroshima University and the University of Tokyo.

Scientists have revealed that the samples consisted of 20 distinct types of amino acids in the samples.

To the unaware, amino acids are key components for all living things and could offer important clues to help humans better understand how life came into existence.

To the unaware, they are instrumental in the formation of proteins and are truly indispensable for any form of life to function or even exist.

And surprisingly, scientists don’t really know how amino acids came to Earth.

One theory states that it was meteorites that actually brought it to the planet. Another theory claims that it was attached to our planet’s ground.

Kensei Kobayashi, professor emeritus of astrobiology at Yokohama National University said in a statement that the fact that amino acids were found on an extraterrestrial body hints at life outside Earth.