Rista Curry This Kashmiri recipe is our favourite recipe in Wazwan cuisine. Screaming sinful decadence, it is ideal for a weekend brunch, intimate gathering or dinner. We bet that once you try this recipe, it is sure to become the talking point of the spread.

            Paneer Methi Chaman Now here comes another delectable recipe for you all. In this recipe, fried paneer pieces are laden with dense, tangy gravy flavoured with lots of whole spices and spice powders. Milk is also added to cut the bitterness of methi, making this a real treat to enjoy.

                     Rogan Josh This recipe is worldwide famous because of its strong and aromatic ingredients. Straight from a Kashmiri kitchen, here's a rogan josh recipe that has meat stirred along with a host of numerous aromatic spices and herbs, mixed with curd and pressure cooked till tender

                     Kashmiri Roth Roth is a sweet flatbread, prepared with flour, sugar and clarified butter or ghee.

                           Yakhni One of the most popular dishes that define the cuisine. It is a yogurt-based recipe made with meat or lotus stem and further spiced or flavoured with fennel seeds and cardamom.

                          Gustaba It is basically tender meatballs cooked in milk-based gravy. It is said, gustaba is served towards the end of the meal, before dessert, and is an integral part of Kashmiri wazwan.

                           Phirni A popular dessert of Kashmir, phirni is made of rice, milk, saffron, cardamom, etc. Dry fruits and rose essence are also added to give it a special flavour. The dessert gets its real flavour or taste with the delicacy with which the rice is ground.

Ps: Add steamed rice alongside! Your wholesome Kashmiri Wazwan Mini Thali is ready to be savoured.