JIOPHONE NEXT: These are the features of the cheapest smartphone, different from others developed jointly by Reliance Jio and Google


JIOPHONE NEXT: These are the featurJioPhone Next has been developed jointly by Reliance Jio and Google and it is being called the world's cheapest 

Jio Phone Next Price Specs Sale: If you are looking for a cheap smartphone, then Jio's smartphone Jio Phone Next can be a good option

Jio Phone Next Price & Availability

The price of Jio Phone Next is Rs 6,499. Reliance Jio's cheapest 4G smartphone JioPhone Next is now available in free sale

Camera- Unique Selfie Feature

When you take a selfie in any phone, your images and text appear inverted but in Selfie Mode in JioPhone Next, your image and text are visible directly

Digital Wellbeing

Another great feature in JioPhone Next is Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls. In this, how long screen time was given on which app

Eliminates the hassle of typing by hand

Features like voice typing, one hand mode, voice typing, glide typing, personal dictionary are available in the keyboard

Night Light Feature

In the display, you will get the Night Light feature which will dim the light of the phone for viewing while sleeping. This will not strain your eyes and will help in sleeping.

Screen Reader and Translation

The phone has a great feature of screen reading and translation, which is revealed on just one touch. In this you get the facility of translation in 10 Indian languages.

Screen Shot and Screen Recording

For screen recording in JioPhone Next, there is a button in the notification panel. With this you can record whatever is playing on the screen

JIOPHONE NEXT full information

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