Noida: Four illegal colonies in Uttar Pradesh's Greater Noida were demolished and land measuring around 50,000 square metres, and estimated to be worth ₹ 100 crore, freed of encroachment, officials said on Thursday.

Noida: The action was carried out by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) on instructions of its CEO Surendra Singh, the officials said.

Noida: "Four illegal colonies had come up in the land notified under GNIDA in the Dhoom Manikpur village area. Illegal constructions were demolished and encroachers removed from the land measuring 50,000 square metres. 

Noida: The land is estimated to be worth ₹ 100 crore," the GNIDA said in a statement.

Noida: Residential plots were being marked on the land illegally in the name of some local developers and the action was taken after information about the activity reached GNIDA officials, it stated.

Noida: "A notice was issued by the senior manager of the GNIDA to remove the constructions but the colonisers paid no heed to it. 

Noida: In the presence of the GNIDA officials and the local police and PAC, the action was taken to demolish the encroachment on Thursday," it added.

Noida: The demolition operation continued for three hours and five bulldozers were engaged for it, the officials said, adding the GNIDA has warned of strict legal action against encroachment on government land.