Doraemon Ending Episode that can make you cry 😭 (Robotic cat that travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid boy named Nobita)


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He is a male robotic cat that travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a preteen boy named Nobita. the character gives him a birth date of 3 September 2112 .


Doraemon is sent back in time by a young boy named Sewashi Nobi to improve the circumstances of his great-great-grandfather, Nobita, so that his descendants may enjoy a better future.


Nobita returns from his school, crying to Doraemon for he had been bullied by Gian yet again. He finds out that Doraemon is not moving. He uses his time tv to call Doraemi and find out whats wrong.


She tells him that his battery has died which can be only solved by technology that exists in the future. But for some reason the future government had ceased any time travel from that era.


Nobita decides to try his life out in creating that battery again, it dont matter what he has to sacrifice. The graduation scene is shown , where all his friends are celebrating an walk away.


The reason Doraemon was sent to the past was to bring out the genius in Nobita that was always within him. Nobita will be compelled to create the technology basis for all the future resources.

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Sizuka enters his chambers to find out a laying Doraemon. Doraemon gets up with sleepy eyes and annoyingly asks “Nobita! Have you done your homework?!”

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