Online food ordering has undoubtedly made our life much easier. The convenience and simplicity of placing orders through a mobile application and having them delivered to our doorstep are incomparable.

This hassle-free process, however, comes with its own set of drawbacks. Customers and restaurants both share amusing incidents that happened to them while placing food orders online

Recently, we were all surprised to read about a Swiggy delivery driver who used another app to deliver coffee. And now, another such incident has surfaced online which has gone viral.

Recently, a customer claimed that he had not received his pizza order from a restaurant. What the restaurant owner did next will leave you surprised, to say the least!

The incident happened in York, United Kingdom, at a restaurant called EborCibus Pizza. The pizza place owner Conor Colland was contacted by a food delivery app after a customer claimed non-receipt of his order.

The order was worth 23.49 pounds or approximately Rs. 2,293 and comprised a 12-inch pizza, chicken fries and mozzarella dippers. Colland, however, said that the order had been sent out by his restaurant and was surprised to hear that it was not received.

The pizza place owner then decided to take matters into his own hands and investigate the issue by himself. He went to the customer's address and checked the bins outside.

He was shocked to find the empty containers in the dustbin! Clearly, the order had been consumed, and the customer had registered a false refund claim with the delivery application.

Conor Colland then took to Facebook and wrote about the fraudulent complaint by the customer. He also demanded an apology from the customer and said that such incidents meant hefty costs for his business, according to a report by Metro.