15 Year Old Founder & CEo Of "PapersnapArcels"

Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta is a 15-year-old media personality and entrepreneur.

Tilak Mehta is a student at Gurukul Olympiad School in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, where he is currently in class 11.

Vishal Mehta, his father, is also a businessman, and Kajal Mehta, his mother, is a housewife. Tanvi Mehta, her younger sister, is her other sibling.

Young entrepreneur title at the India Maritime Awards in 2018. Speaker at Tedx.Forbes Panelist.Awarded Global Child prodigy 2020


How his Journey begins..

Tilak went to his uncle's place one day for whatever reason. And then he returned to his own home.

How his Journey begins..

In his uncle's house, he forgets his math book. However, he required this book immediately due to an upcoming exam.

How his Journey begins..

Tilak inquired of his father about using the courier to return the book from his uncle's place. However, courier fees for same-day delivery are as much as the book price.

How his Journey begins..

his is the time at which Tilak's concept of starting his own logistics and providing courier services at a fair fee germinated.

How his Journey begins..

He went off on his own, delivering the courier in his own way. After some time, he and his colleagues join the dabbawala, where they take and deliver orders.

I was thinking about this for days and when I saw a dabbawala in my building, the idea for Papers N Parcel struck....

His statement:-