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Urvashi does not do much gym to stay fit, this is the secret of her fitness

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Urvashi also spoke to us about her fitness secret. Let us tell you that Urvashi does a lot more than just gym to keep herself fit, come…

Urvashi Rautela is in a lot of discussion these days about her film Hate Story 4. Urvashi has been a part of beauty pageants and hence she takes great care of her fitness and beauty. But knowing an interesting thing about Urvashi, you may be surprised that Urvashi does not like to travel much. The reason for this is that they have a lot of trouble with flights.

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Yes, in a special conversation with us, he himself has admitted that he does not like flights at all. But, due to his career and projects, he also has to travel and take flights. She does not like to travel personally. There are very few stars who don’t like to travel, right? Apart from this, Urvashi also talked to us about her fitness secrets, selection of beauty products and workouts in this conversation. Let us tell you that Urvashi does a lot more than just gym to keep herself fit, let’s know-Keep yourself fit with dance

Urvashi told that she has always been interested in dancing and she knows how to do many types of dance forms and she also enjoys it a lot. Recently, he has adopted a different dance form on the song ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne…’ from his film. She says that many people are not even able to dance properly wearing heels like this, but she is quite comfortable in it. He also said that he likes to keep himself fit with dance. And she also gives place to dance in her workout. He says that dance doesn’t let you get bored of overcrowding.

‘Pani’ is their secret mantra

While revealing the secret of her fitness, Urvashi has also told that she likes to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Also they feel that nothing is better than water for healthy skin. Apart from this, she prefers to do yoga twice a week so that due to this she remains flexible and always tries to remain healthy. Every celeb from Bollywood to the general public gives you the advice to drink water, but very few people are able to follow it in real life.

These things are included in gym workout

Talking about gym workouts, she hits the gym four days a week and also she likes to do weight lifting and stretching. She definitely likes to spend an hour on the treadmill. Apart from this, he also loves walking and jogging. If you follow Urvashi’s social account, then you will understand how hard Urvashi works to keep herself fit in the gym.

Urvashi Rautela Uses organic beauty products

Regarding makeup, Urvashi says that she believes in good makeup products and she loves applying red lipstick the most. She always uses organic beauty products and uses only natural things to keep her face glowing. She is very much in love with her smokey eyes and has always loved it. During makeup, she tries that only smokey eyes suit her outfit. Apart from this, she is also very fond of shimmery and shiny eye makeup which is trending a lot these days.

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