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The Batman Review – Robert Pattinson’s emo hero raises sad reboot.

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The Batman Review
The Batman Review

The Batman Review: This definitive article means that this is the original article. The inclusion of “The” in Batman’s name has become a major part of the brand’s identity, a testament to how real and irrational the shadowy personality is. You can imagine some rising voices calling it “Batman” – but Tom Holland did not take the deep baritone to say that he was “Spider-Man” or that Henry Kewell called him “Superman” (although you might The cat can go to Joel (a black Gotham City bar) to face the “piano man”.

Director and co-author Matt Reeves has created a new version of Batman in which Robert Pattinson rediscovers billionaire Bruce Wayne in his black suit as a beautiful ruined rock star, recluse, Volvo and Danish.

The Batman Dark hair is falling on his face

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But Van magically triples when he reappears in costumes and masks as the Dark Knight movie, turning his entire weapon into a slab-like inertia. And this is certainly happening in the vastness of Gotham City’s tomb, the brutal and dark world that Christopher Nolan inspired with his Dark Knight trilogy and made Batman’s imagination unavoidable on screen.

Interestingly, at first, a serial killer like The Batman Saw feels like a chiller. For a while, it promises a mysterious plot on the subject of municipal corruption that is crucial to the Batman franchise, and hopes to unravel with a satisfactory narrative solution.

But not really. It is flawlessly designed, with visually stunning set pieces and legitimate, stern vibrating effects coming out of the darkness on you. Jeffrey Wright and John Torturo have undoubtedly good performances,

and the Zoo Croats have superpower charisma. But the film is long. The Riddler’s puzzles aren’t particularly simple or important to the story and their ending is so weak that it gives Batman an existential crisis.

Robert Pattinson and Jeffrey Wright in The Batman.

The Gotham City political elite is congratulating itself on the ouster of Sal Maroni, a prominent drug dealer. But the city is still mired in a new form of crime and drug addiction called “droplets”, which law enforcement seems to be turning a blind eye to.

The most talked about is Riddler (Paul Dano), who has been playing the rubber jump mask for a lot of people on his social media.

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He set out to remove the corrupt Gotham Establishment one by one, including Mayor Don Mitchell (Rupert Penny Jones) and District Attorney Gil Collson (Peter Sarsgard), with every scary scene on the hallmark type card for Batman. ۔

Question left. The crime therefore joins forces with Commissioner Gordon (Wright, paying due respect to his natural dignity and integrity) to oust our anti-hero Rudler, coincidentally finding himself the mob boss Carmen Falcon (Terturo) and his bloated. Goes cobbler. (Colin Ferrell) Who doesn’t like to be questioned about corruption?

But wait. The Riddler is at the top of what he says is the strangest thing about Gotham City: the Plutocrat van Family and the late father of Bruce who made fraud and crime the cornerstone of the city. Rudler wants to kill Bruce Wayne. And Batman seems to be wondering … could Rudler have a point?

Zoo Croats as Kate Woman and Robert Pattinson.

There are some people in the corner of Batman. The Croats cat thief is as stylish and confident as Selena Kyle or Kate Woman, who has reasons to hate the terrifying Falcon. There’s a nice series when Bruce gives Selena some surveillance contact lenses to wear before sashing at Carmen’s club, making eye contact with the Cranking regular, while Van monitors it all on screen.

Robert Pattinson in The Batman

Andy Circus plays Van Butler’s Alfred, a loyal, simple-speaking fellow who has apparently set the time in the “circus”: meaning the world of John Lee Kerry’s genius, not the real circus, though confused. Is. Because the Cirque du Soleil styling is everything the fighters are going to do.

But the ending is extremely tiring and shark-jumping, with false-apocalyptic scenes that work best in a less serious superhero adventure, and an exaggerated non-disclosure that has been touted for the next film. ۔ Inevitably, with the feeling of the clouds comes the night on the The Batman Review latest Batman iteration – of course – in which there’s really nothing at stake. As a crime fighter with a wounded soul, Pattinson’s best twist.

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