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Harry Potter: 5 actors who played their roles

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The Harry Potter movies were filled with great performances, but some actors rose above the rest while others fell short of the mark.
When any book series becomes a success, turning it into a film series can make or break a franchise. In the case of Harry Potter,

the films only helped the series grow in popularity, allowing space for Fantastic Beasts spinoff films, television specials such as Return to Hogwarts, and even an upcoming HBO television series.

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One of the reasons the films became such a huge success was because of the near perfect casting the characters were brought to life on screen. However, while most of the actors were perfect, there were some who fell short of the roles, leaving fans wondering what could have happened to the other actors.

Jason Isaacs Was a Master of Improvisation

Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter
Not only did Jason Isaacs perfectly embody Lucius Malfoy’s icy cold personality, instilling in him a sense of unjust superiority, he also improvised the character, making him even more sinister. Improving on various character modalities and lines, Jason Isaacs proved he was a master of his craft, acting long after the scenes ended to achieve the best results. After Harry frees Dobby in the Chamber of Secrets, Jason famously improvised, shouting the beginning of the killing curse instead of the spell he was in; Using such a serious spell on a trivial matter made Lucius Malfoy all the more sinister.

Bonnie Wright suffering from poor writing

Aesthetically, Bonnie Wright is Ginny Weasley. She looks and looks the part, fitting in with the rest of the cast of the Wesley family. However, due to the poor transition from books to screenwriting, Bonnie never got the chance to play Ginny Weasley, who could keep up with her troubled brothers Fred and George and sometimes outdo them. Instead, she was left in the subdued role of Harry’s love interest, with little dimension to the character ahead of her. If the scripting had been better, maybe Bonnie Wright could give audiences the Ginny Weasley they deserved.

Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange was the personification of madness

Bellatrix Lestrange
Loud, unpredictable, and crazy, Bellatrix Lestrange could have been played by none other than Helena Bonham Carter, who stole the show with every precious second of her tiny little bit of time. Other actors may have portrayed a bit of madness, but Helena was the personification of pure madness. Many of his scenes with Emma Watson were improvised, such as the disturbing torture scene at Malfoy Manor. In that scene, Helena gets up close and personal with Emma, ​​really giving the audience a taste of the dread.

One of Helena’s most memorable scenes was when she played Hermione, who was transformed into Bellatrix using the Polyjuice potion and invading the Gringotts wizard bank. In that scene, she was not playing her character; She was playing Emma as her character. It was a complicated role to play, but it impeccably depicted how Hermione would act if she pretended to be Bellatrix, a mad woman of entitled and over-confident.

Michael Gambon recreates Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore
Richard Harris was the original actor for Albus Dumbledore, having played the role in the first two films. During that time, he showed himself to be the best man for the job. He saw the part and listened to it with his soothing, wise voice. He was a sight of grace and wonder, with the slightest hint of mischief in his eyes that Dumbledore was known for in the books.

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Michael Gambon replaced Richard Harris, taking over the role after Richard’s death. Although he was a good Dumbledore, the two actors had different approaches to the character, and Michael took the role more seriously. He often gave the impression that Dumbledore had multiple backup plans, leaving behind the casual, grandfatherly aspect of the character. While there’s nothing wrong with the way Gambon played the role, things weren’t the same after audiences got their first taste of the original Dumbledore.

Dame Maggie Smith is McGonagalla

Minerva McGonagall
While most of the actors nailed their roles, no one has performed better than Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall. He had to be tough but courageous, old and wise, yet sharp and powerful at the same time. Maggie Smith had to portray an authority figure who was both tough and warm enough to be trusted to be respected for creating a safe space for her students. Few other actors could balance the line so well, and none of those few would have come close to delivering a performance as Maggie Smith did.

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