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Confident returns from Rs 2 share, Rs 1 hole made ₹ 1.81 crore

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If you want to make a lot of money from the stock market and are looking for multiple stocks, then this information is just for you. As of 2021, this year, some of the many bank types have become more marketable. Today we will talk to you about another multibagger camp. In this regard, the assets of the fertilizer company Rama Phosphate gave assured returns to the investors.

In the past one month, the sales of this phosphate lamp product have been affected. Its share price has come down from the level of Rs 400 to Rs 361. In this way, this multibagger stock has declined by 10 percent in the last 1 month.

235 percent jump in one year

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Looking at the history of the bank, the stake of this company has increased from Rs 108 to Rs 361 last year by 235 percent. The stock could return only 8 per cent to shareholders in the last six months. After the share price rose from Rs 75.95 to Rs 362 level in the last 5 years, the shareholders earned a return of around 380 per cent.

There will be a return of 18,000 per cent in 19 years

In the last 10 years, the price of this type of multi-currency has registered an increase of about 610 percent. In the last 19 years, this bank has increased from Rs 2 to a level of Rs 362. In this way investors will earn up to 18,000 per cent in 19 years.

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