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Top interesting Facts about social media.

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Are you hesitant to invest time and work in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter because you believe they aren’t as effective at reaching your stakeholders as “old-fashioned” mailers and door-to-door canvassing? Do you worry that by using social media platforms, you won’t be able to reach your target demographic?

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are no longer simply for young people to communicate with one another. Social media is used by people of all ages and interests, and businesses and organisations of all kinds have used it to spread their message and boost the impact of their marketing campaigns. For example, you might be shocked to learn that the 55-64 age group is the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter. This group has expanded by 79 percent since 2012 and is still growing. This means that those stakeholders you’ve dismissed as non-internet users could potentially be a key online group you’re overlooking.

Between the ages of 25 and 34, 32% are Instagram users.

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If you’re wanting to reach out to the millennial market, Instagram is a wonderful place to start. Around 32% of its members are between the ages of 25 and 30, making it the platform’s most populous age group.

Instagram is also rather popular among 18-25-year-olds, who account for roughly 29.9% of all users.

At least one business account is followed by 90% of Instagram users.

Instagram does an excellent job of connecting businesses and consumers. Almost every Instagram user follows at least one business account, according to information released in an Instagram article.

Because customers already regard it as a place where they can learn about and interact with brands, it’s a terrific platform for launching branded marketing campaigns and influencer campaigns.

Instagram has a monthly user base of over 1 billion people.

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is a very popular network. The website, which was founded in 2010, has rapidly increased in popularity throughout the years, eventually being purchased by Facebook in 2012.

Since then, the site has added new features like ‘Reels,’ a video sharing function, as well as advertising and sales choices, making it highly popular with both users and companies.

Facebook has a daily active user base of around 2.8 billion people.

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Without a doubt, Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the planet. Facebook was founded in 2004 by a group of college students (I’m sure you’ve heard the storey), and it has since evolved to become the world’s largest social media platform, with over 2.8 billion daily active members.

Not only that, but the corporation now owns Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, among other important social apps and platforms.

TikTok was downloaded 315 million times in the first quarter of 2020.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Chinese social media site TikTok debuted in the midst of the pandemic. Despite the fact that the site has been online for a while, adoption in the western world had been slow.

However, as more people sought new ways to pass the time at home, the innovative video platform grew in popularity. In barely three months, it had been downloaded over 300 million times.

After Tinder, TikTok has the second-highest consumer spend for smartphone apps.

TikTok is proving to be an especially beneficial platform for marketers, despite the fact that it is still relatively new on the landscape. This is primarily due to the platform’s users’ spending patterns.

TikTok has the second-highest consumer spend of all mobile apps, according to WeAreSocial/Hootsuite. TikTok also has a number of ad types that make it simple to combine high-converting ads with the platform’s normal content.

Majority of Snapchat users are Females

Snapchat’s user base is likewise very evenly split between men and women. Females account for 54% of Snapchat users, while males account for 46%. As a result, it might be a good area to market products that are aimed towards younger females and guys.

In 2022, the number of Pinterest users increased by 48%.

Pinterest, like many other social media networks, had significant growth in 2021. Pinterest became the place to go for inspiration and information as more individuals stayed at home and started hobbies or DIY projects. As a result, the number of users increased by about half in just 2021.

YouTube has almost 2 billion monthly active users.

Not only does YouTube receive over 20 billion monthly hits, but a significant fraction of these views are generated by active, logged-in individuals. YouTube has more than 2 billion logged-in users every month, according to YouTube data. As a result, it’s the ideal platform for raising brand awareness and cultivating a loyal following.

WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Surprisingly, India, which has over 390 million WhatsApp users, is the country where it is most popular. India has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, which may add to the desire to send frequent and short messages and make free phone calls via wifi.

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