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Top 10 Interesting Facts about NASA!!

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No. 1

With the SpaceX launch, NASA is preparing to break yet another record.

This project, which is part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, will send the first astronauts from the United States to the International Space Station since 2011. This marks the beginning of a new era in human spaceflight, as American astronauts will once again be sent to the International Space Station on an American rocket from American land.

No. 2

The increase in global temperature is merely one facet of NASA’s climate change evidence.

Warming oceans, diminishing ice sheets, glacial retreat, decreased snow cover, sea-level rise, declining arctic sea ice, and ocean acidification were also validated by NASA’s investigations. Sounds eerily similar to the circumstances that led to Earth’s prior major extinctions.

No. 3

Astronauts account for a small percentage of NASA’s entire workforce.

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Astronauts aren’t the only ones backing NASA’s efforts, despite being its most well-known personnel. NASA also employs a large number of scientists, engineers, writers, secretaries, lawyers, and teachers.

No. 4

An astronaut on the Space Shuttle can only eat 3.8 pounds of food every day.

If that doesn’t seem too bad, consider that the packaging alone weighs 1 pound. NASA keeps astronaut food in individual bags to make it easier to handle in zero-gravity space.

In addition, the meal must be precooked or processed, non-perishable, and ready-to-eat or easily prepared by adding water or heating. Fresh fruit and vegetables, which must be kept in the fresh food locker, are the sole exceptions to this requirement.

No. 5

Katherine Sullivan became the first woman from the United States to walk in space.

Sullivan and Commander Dave Leestma conducted a 3-12 hour Extravehicular Activity (EVA) aboard STS-41G on October 11, 1984. This major milestone in space exploration established the viability of NASA’s actual satellite refuelling programme.

No. 6

On April 10, 2019, NASA released a photograph of a black hole that made history.

The world saw an image of a black hole and its shadow for the first time in history. This feat was made possible by an algorithm built by MIT graduate Katie Bouman and captured by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT).

No. 7

The solar system encompasses more than just the planets.

All of the space planets are gravitationally connected to the Sun, the solar system’s star. Our picture of the universe, however, would be incomplete without the moons, asteroids, comets, and meteoroids that float around in space.

No. 8

The Energy Science Network, or ESnet, is a NASA shadow network.

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While the shadow network resembles the Internet, it is only intended to connect a few corporations and research institutions around the world. They connect to NASA’s computers and research centres via the ESnet to share data from science experiments.

No. 9

The Johnson Space Center was created by NASA in 1961.

It has been a pioneer in human space travel since then. NASA’s headquarters are located around 1,700 acres southeast of downtown Houston. It was formerly known as the ‘Manned Spacecraft Center,’ but it was renamed in 1973 to honour the late President Lyndon B. Johnson, a native of the area.

No. 10

The NASA space centre continues at the forefront of the United States’ human spaceflight efforts.

From the early Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle projects, NASA became the United States’ space exploration pioneer. Only the International Space Station and the Orion carry on this tradition. Furthermore, the facility employs a workforce of approximately 10,000 individuals.

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