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Tom and Jerry Facts | Tom and Jerry History

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Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry Facts

Tom and Jerry in the world of cartoons Tom and Jerry is the only show that kids and adults like all. Both of them are such characters whose actions make even a crying person laugh. Both do not leave any chance to trouble each other. There is no end to their fight and mischief. So friends, let us tell you interesting facts information related to this funny couple today.

The Interesting Story Behind the Name Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry History
Tom and Jerry, the only cartoon show in the hearts of everyone from children to the elderly. Tom and Jerry Facts

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When this cartoon started in 1940, it used to be just a show of a fight between a mouse and a cat. Both of them did not have any name, but with its increasing popularity, the need to keep their names was felt.

Initially Tom was named Jesper and Jerry was named Jinx. Later an attempt was made to find a permanent name through a competition.

An animator named John Kors won the competition, and Tom and Jerry, who suggested the name, were awarded a $50 prize.

Since then the character has come to be known by this name, although Tom’s full name is Thomas. read also =True Story of Shinchan Tv Series that can make you cry

Barbera and Hannah created this fun couple. Tom and Jerry Makers

william-hanna-and-joseph-barberaJoseph Barbera was born in Italy in 1911. Barbera was fond of making sketches since childhood. At the age of 19, he used to dream of working as a cartoonist in New York magazines, but his dream was not fulfilled. During that time he met William Hannah at MGM Studios in Hollywood.

In the same studio, the two together produced a short animation cartoon series for 17 years. Both did not want to make a career in animation but due to lack of job, they joined animation.

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MGM Studios closed its animation unit in 1957. After this, both of them took forward this series anew. During this time when the cartoon of Tom and Jerry took shape.

Barbera continued this relationship with the Warner Brothers even after Hannah’s death. Till now its 322 episodes and 8 movies have been made. The pairing of Barbera and Hannah was known as the most successful filmmaker duo of the time.

Most Popular Animation Series | Best Animation Series Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is the highest grossing cartoon series of any animation film. When his shows were shown, a huge crowd gathered to see it.

These two never say anything, but still their actions make everyone laugh, although the other characters present in this story are shown talking. Many times you must have even seen Tom singing a song. Tom is a good singer as well as plays the piano well.

Initially, there used to be dialogue between these two but later it was abolished. It was later revived in Tom and Jerry Tales.

Sound effects have also been taken care of in this animation series. In particular, a lot of effort was put into the sound of Tom’s hurt screaming and Jerry’s scared and laughing.

Even after several voice tests, when Barbera and Hannah did not like the sound, Hannah decided to give it her own voice.

The loud sound was kept. Everyone liked this experiment very much. Horns or similar musical instruments were used to make sounds like Jerry’s laugh and frightened scream.

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Received seven Oscar awards

It may be surprising to hear but it is true that Tom and Jerry has been honored by the Oscar Awards for which big actors yearn. Not only this, it is the most Oscar-winning animation series. It won seven Oscar awards from 1943 to 1953. Times Magazine has also named it as the most popular Animation Series.

Tom and Jerry Video Games | Tom and Jerry Video Games

Jerry Escapes from Tommy In this you have to save Jerry from Tom. There will be many difficulties along the way. Plus you have to collect cheese and springs, which after eating will allow Jerry to run even faster and jump higher than before.

Tom and Jerry – Mouse Maze – In this game, Jerry has to collect Cheese. Cheese is scattered all over Tom is on a mission to catch Jerry with his friends.

You have to collect all the cheese while saving. There will be 90 fun levels in the game. To escape from Tom, you can use the Transport Tunnel, Magic Hat, and other things to hide. Both of these are available for free on Google Play.

Tom and Jerry Movie Series | Tom and Jerry Movies

From the 1970s to the 90s, Tom and Jerry was introduced as a new film and TV show. Tom and Jerry: The Manson Cat was made specifically for TV.

This was followed by the death of Hannah in 2001 and Barbera in 2006. After this the Warner Brothers bought all the rights to the show and continued to air its TV show Tom and Jerry Tales. Recently a short film The Karate Guard was produced

Some of his major films are

Tom and Jerry : The Movie (1992) – In this film Tom and Jerry help an orphan girl who gets caught in the clutches of her greedy relatives. They harass her in various ways, from which both help her to escape. This is an 84 minute film.

Tom and Jerry: The Magical Ring (2002) – In this film, Tom’s owner is assigned the task of guarding a very precious Magical Ring.

Tom’s boss’s younger son is also helping him in this work, but as usual, Jerry reaches there and this magic ring gets stuck in Jerry’s head in the fight between Tom and Jerry.

Trouble ensues when Jerry starts running all over the city to escape Tom and Tom keeps running after him. What happens in the midst of all this and how does this ring tom bring back this is the Tom and Jerry Facts story of this funny film.

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