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5 Interesting Facts about Tech you did’nt know till now.

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Nokia once sold toilet pape

Nokia might be the most well known for selling phones (though less so in recent years) but the company hasn’t always been that way.

When it was founded in 1865 Nokia was a pulp mill and the a century later it was selling all sorts of things including toilet paper and Car tyres.

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It wasn’t until the 1980s that Nokia started getting series about phones and little else,

YouTube Boss original a dating site

The YouTube you know and love actually started out with very different intentions. The website was built originally as a dating site.

One of the founder, Jawed Karim, even said they had a slogan back then for it “Tune in, Hook up”. The hope was people would upload videos of themselves looking for the ideal partner. But nobody did and the owners got so desperate that they tried to pay people to do so. That didn’t work either.

Soon YouTube just became a place of for people to upload all sorts of videos and its continued that way every since.

Water integrator computer that run on water

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Vladimir Sergeevich Lukyanov built the world’s first computer in 1936 that solved differential equations in partial derivatives. The amazing fact is that the machine was driven by water.

The construction company that Lukyanov worked with was unable to find a solution for the cracks that used to happen in concretes during winter subzero temperature. To understand the thermal process better, lukyanov researched the temperature conditions in concrete masonry. Finally, he built the water integrator machine that could plot graphs and help visualise the thermal process.

Manufacturing plants, research organizations and educational Institute used water computer well into 1970s. The use of this hydraulic integrator diminished once the digital computer became more powerful and convenient to use.

Smoking can void your Apple products warranties

Do you know your Apple product can lose its warranty if you smoke near them? Apple has the policy to safeguard its technicians from any toxic work environment. Tobacco tars settled on the system are considered harmful. Hence, Apple can deny servicing your product even if they are in warranty if they believe that it has come into contact with tobacco smoke .

There is no warranty void clause written in the product document. But there are numerous instances where the company has refused to honour the warranty on a product that has been exposed to smoke. People have detailed their experience with not be able to claim warranty repair on your Apple products due to findings of tobacco tars settled on the parts.

If you want to stay safe and have valid warranty on your Apple products, don’t let people smoke near any of them.

3D printing is nothing new

The technology for 3D printing has been around for decades, but it has only begun to attract attention in the past few years. The concept initially appeared during the 1980s,when it was referred to as Rapid prototyping. Charles Hull successfully secured patent for the stereolithography apparatus in 1986, and yet, the first commercially available 3D printer was not offered for sale until 2009.

Since then significant market divergence has allowed for the introduction of 3D printing process in several sectors and at every level of the market.

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